In determining your asking price, you need to consider why you have chosen to put your home on the market. In most cases, the higher the asking price, the longer it takes for the home to sell. As your local real estate professional, I thought you'd benefit from this infographic illustrating how to make sure you don't overprice your home, since these homes tend to not be as competitive in the market.  Truth is, a home will sell for what it's worth.  If you price a little under market value, competing offers will drive the value upward.  Buyers know when it's just too good of a deal and they are usually willing to offer significantly over asking price if they feel like someone else might also want the home as much as they do.  It's better to be viewed by more buyers, have more offers in hand, and have your pick of offers because price isn't the only variable in the decision which offer to accept.  Let's talk!Best Asking Price